CoinShares Sets Sights on US Crypto Market with Valkyrie ETFs Acquisition Option


17 Nov 2023 10:01 PM

CoinShares and Valkyrie Investments also inked a brand licensing deal under the acquisition option....

  • CoinShares has secured an exclusive option to acquire Valkyrie Funds, the ETF division of Valkyrie Investments.
  • The acquisition option is active until March 31, 2024, and the financial details remain undisclosed.
  • CoinShares CEO Jean-Marie Mognetti believes the acquisition will accelerate their expansion into the US market and global deployment of their digital asset management expertise.
  • CoinShares and Valkyrie Investments have also finalized a brand licensing agreement, allowing Valkyrie to use the "CoinShares" name for its S-1 filings with the SEC.
  • CoinShares has a special option to buy 100% of Valkyrie Funds and associated rights, subject to regulatory approvals, due diligence, and legal agreements.
  • Valkyrie Funds will remain independent until the acquisition is completed.
  • CoinShares recently partnered with OKX and custody provider Komainu for institutional segregated asset trading.

The article focuses on CoinShares securing an exclusive option to acquire Valkyrie Funds, highlighting the potential benefits for CoinShares in expanding into the US market. The sentiment is generally positive, emphasizing the strategic nature of the acquisition option and the alignment of visions between the two companies.

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