Turkish bank wants to take over crypto trading website Stablex

Mercy Adeola
Mercy Adeola

19 Mar 2023 1:47 PM

One of Akbank's wholly owned companies, Ak Investment, has formally sought to collaborate with cryptocurrency exchange Stablex. Turkish bank wants...

  • Ak Investment, a wholly owned company of Akbank, is seeking to collaborate with cryptocurrency exchange Stablex.
  • The pair will begin direct Turkish Lira transactions, and their recent cooperation with Binance shows their interest in cryptocurrencies.
  • Ak Yatrm Menkul Deerler is set to acquire the majority of shares in Stablex, but negotiations are ongoing and official approval from regulators is still needed.
  • Stablex facilitates Istanbul-based Turkish Lira cryptocurrency trading and was founded by Jihad Shannak with a 7.6 million Turkish Lira investment.
  • Turkey is ranked 12th out of 154 nations in terms of cryptocurrency adoption, and Bitfinex plans to start providing services in Turkey.

The article presents a neutral tone, providing information about the collaboration between Ak Investment and Stablex, as well as the current state of cryptocurrency adoption in Turkey. There is no clear positive or negative sentiment expressed.

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