Euler finance hacker transfers stolen funds to crypto mixer

Joy Dahunsi
Joy Dahunsi

16 Mar 2023 9:09 AM

Euler Finance hacker has begun transferring assets to the cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash hours after a $1 million reward was...

  • Euler Finance hacker transferred assets to cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash after a $1 million reward was offered for information leading to their identification.
  • PeckShield, a blockchain analytics company, tweeted that the hacker was "on the run."
  • The hacker moved 1,000 Ether, or around $1.65 million, through Tornado Cash.
  • Euler Laboratories posted a $1 million prize for information leading to the hacker's arrest and the restitution of stolen monies.
  • The transfer of cash to the cryptocurrency mixer may imply that the hacker remains unmoved by Euler's amnesty offer.
  • About 100 ETH, valued at $165,202, were sent to a wallet address that likely belongs to one of the victims.
  • Victims have submitted messages to the address in the hopes of receiving their monies back.
  • The $196 million stolen from Euler consisted of Dai, USD Coin, staked ETH, and wrapped Bitcoin.

The article reports on a hacker who stole $196 million from Euler Finance and transferred assets to a cryptocurrency mixer. The sentiment of the article is negative, as it highlights the negative consequences of the hacker's actions, such as victims losing their life savings and the threat of legal action against the hacker.

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