Altcoins To Thrive in the Upcoming Bull Market- Do You Hold Any? 

Sahana Vibhute
Sahana Vibhute

17 Mar 2023 8:01 PM

Among them are a couple of altcoins which could price themselves as a better investment for the next bull run...

  • Bitcoin's bullish momentum is expected to lift altcoins as well.
  • Cardano and Solana are two altcoins that are expected to recover from their recent losses.
  • Both Cardano and Solana are focused on DeFi and NFT space, with Solana being the largest platform for NFTs.
  • Solana suffered a price crash due to its association with FTX exchange, but has since recovered.
  • Cardano's price has remained more stable than Solana's, but Solana has historically been a better performer.
  • Both altcoins are expected to thrive once the crypto space flips from bearish captivity.

The article has a positive sentiment overall, with a focus on the potential for Cardano and Solana to recover and thrive in the future.

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