CoinEx Published FAQ on Recent Hack, Addresses Community Concerns


18 Sep 2023 8:09 AM

Top centralized exchange CoinEx answered questions regarding recent $70 million hack and future plans...

  • CoinEx experienced a hack on September 12, resulting in the compromise of one of their hot wallets.
  • Immediate actions were taken, including suspending deposits and withdrawals, transferring remaining assets to cold storage, and initiating investigations.
  • CoinEx is working on rebuilding and deploying a new wallet architecture to enhance security.
  • The CEO has expressed regret and reassured users that their funds will not be impacted.
  • CoinEx released an FAQ addressing concerns about withdrawal restoration, compensation, and future security plans.
  • Withdrawals will gradually resume once stringent security checks are passed.
  • CoinEx operates independently from other product lines, so the incident will not impact them.
  • The estimated loss from the hack is approximately $70 million.
  • The identity of the attacker is still under investigation.

The article provides updates on CoinEx's response to a hack, highlighting their efforts to investigate, enhance security, and compensate affected users. The tone is informative and reassures users about the safety of their funds.

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