CoinEx Creator Program Goes Live with Multi-million-dollar Funding to Support Global Creators |


20 Nov 2023 10:12 AM

On November 15, 2023, CoinEx, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, launched the CoinEx Creator Program. Backed by a multi-million-dollar fund, this...

  • CoinEx, a global cryptocurrency exchange, has launched the CoinEx Creator Program to support creators in the crypto industry.
  • The program offers financial support, publicity assistance, and access to promotional events for creators.
  • Creators can enjoy privileges such as a higher rebate ratio, monthly prize pool, and customized gifts.
  • To apply, creators must be passionate about blockchain, familiar with the crypto industry, capable of content creation, and recognize CoinEx's brand values.

The article portrays a positive sentiment towards the CoinEx Creator Program, highlighting the benefits and privileges it offers to creators in the crypto industry.

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