Art Trading Platform LiveArt Announces NFT Membership Card Linked to Exclusive Drops

Rosie Perper
Rosie Perper

15 Mar 2023 11:51 PM

The platform says its LiveArt X Card is meant to "put an end to NFT flipping and speculation" by encouraging collectors to hold onto their art for the long term....

  • LiveArt is launching its LiveArt X Card, a non-fungible token (NFT) collection that grants holders access to exclusive curated art, token-gated communities, and art market insights powered by artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The LiveArt platform provides users with art pricing data and market insights, along with live auction streaming and peer-to-peer art trading.
  • The LiveArt X Card integrates Web3 into the art-collecting experience, providing holders with access to its digital art market, free airdrops, exclusive access to LiveArt's AI-generated artist insights, rewards in the form of their ART token, VIP access to real-world art events, and more.
  • The ART token, which powers the LiveArt ecosystem, can be used to buy physical and digital art on the platform.
  • The Ethereum-based collection will be available for pre-sale beginning on April 4, with the public sale beginning on April 5. It will have a total supply of 3,500 editions.
  • LiveArt aims to encourage collectors to hold onto their art long-term and protect them from fraud, scams, and flips.

The article has a positive sentiment towards LiveArt and its LiveArt X Card. It highlights the platform's features and benefits, such as access to exclusive art, market insights, and rewards. The article also praises LiveArt's efforts to encourage long-term collecting and protect collectors from fraud and scams.

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