The 5 Key Bitcoin Building Themes, With Wolf Lightning Accelerator CEO Kelly Brewster

Nathaniel Whittemore
Nathaniel Whittemore

17 Mar 2023 2:07 PM

From Lightning infrastructure to Nostr and Ordinals, here’s what one Bitcoin startup accelerator is excited about....

  • Kelly Brewster is the CEO of Wolf, a Lightning and Bitcoin startup accelerator in New York City.
  • In a conversation with NLW, they discuss five big themes among Bitcoin builders: Bitcoin DeFi, Lightning Network infrastructure, gaming, Nostr/social media, and ordinals.
  • "The Breakdown" is a daily analysis of macroeconomics, bitcoin, geopolitics, and big picture power shifts, hosted by Nathaniel Whittemore.

The article has a neutral sentiment as it is simply reporting on a conversation between Kelly Brewster and NLW about the themes they are seeing among Bitcoin builders.

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