Crypto Derivatives Protocol Volmex Finance's Bitcoin and Ether Volatility Charts Now Live on TradingView

Omkar Godbole
Omkar Godbole

17 Mar 2023 1:00 PM

Integration with TradingView promises global exposure to Volmex's implied volatility indexes for bitcoin and ether....

  • Volmex Finance's implied volatility indices for Bitcoin and Ether are now available on TradingView.
  • The indices measure the expected price turbulence over 30 days, derived from real-time crypto call and put options.
  • The BVIV and EVIV indices can be considered analogous to Wall Street's fear gauge, the VIX index.
  • Traders and investors using TradingView can now access the volatility charts to predict and bet on price turbulence in top cryptocurrencies.
  • Volatility trading involves betting on the future stability of an asset instead of betting on the direction of future price moves.
  • Volatility trading is becoming increasingly popular in the crypto market.

The article has a neutral tone, providing information about the availability of Volmex Finance's implied volatility indices on TradingView and the increasing popularity of volatility trading in the crypto market.

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