Baron Davis: Bringing Athletes to Web3

Jeff  Wilser
Jeff Wilser

17 Mar 2023 9:54 PM

The ex-NBA point guard is teaching sports clients to engage with communities using crypto tech....

  • Baron Davis, former NBA player, has pivoted to entrepreneurship and is now working on exciting and engaging communities across a range of projects, including Web3.
  • With The Black Santa Company, Davis launched a mix of block parties, games, mixed-media stories, apparel, books, and NFTs to celebrate diverse and inclusive storytelling.
  • Davis is building Web3 tools to empower creators and help them engage with their communities, including SLiC, which stands for Sports Lifestyle in Culture.
  • SLiC aims to be a multi-hyphenate mix of platform, production studio, community hub, publisher, and streamer that connects fans and creators.
  • One of the first verticals Davis will launch is SLiC Images, which aims to be a decentralized platform, file storage product, and licensing system for photographers.

The article has a positive sentiment, highlighting Davis' successful transition from basketball to entrepreneurship and his efforts to empower creators and engage communities through Web3 tools.

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