Coinbase Unveils New Protocol for On-Chain Payments


17 Nov 2023 11:34 PM

Coinbase has continued to build and release new updates despite harsh market conditions....

  • Coinbase has launched a new protocol for on-chain payments called the Onchain Payment Protocol.
  • The protocol aims to simplify and standardize on-chain payments for currencies available on Base, Polygon, and other Ethereum Virtual Machine networks.
  • It offers volatility-free payments and low transaction fees, solving common crypto transaction issues for merchants and customers.
  • The protocol is open source, allowing other payment processors and businesses to build on it and create accessible gateways to on-chain payments.
  • Coinbase Commerce, the updated product, provides benefits such as instant payment settlements, support for multiple networks, and out-of-the-box integrations.
  • Coinbase has also recently launched Base, a scaling layer-2 network on Ethereum that has become one of the largest and fastest-growing in the industry.

The sentiment of the article is positive, highlighting Coinbase's efforts to improve on-chain payments and provide a seamless experience for merchants and customers.

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