Coinbase CEO Reacts to Growing Support for Senator Warren's Anti-Crypto Bill

Coin Edition
Coin Edition

16 Sep 2023 2:12 AM

Coinbase CEO reacts to growing support for Senator Warren's anti-crypto bill as it gains nine new co-sponsors. Read on CE....

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren's anti-crypto bill has gained nine new co-sponsors.
  • Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong responded by stating that they will update the scorecards on accordingly.
  • The bill aims to impose stricter regulations on the crypto industry due to concerns about criminal activities.
  • The newly onboarded senators represent a mix of political ideologies, including moderates and progressives.
  • The bill cites concerns about money laundering, ransomware attacks, and terrorist financing in the crypto industry.

The sentiment of the article is negative towards the anti-crypto bill and the stricter regulations it aims to impose on the crypto industry.

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