Coinbase CEO Encourages OpenAI Talent Exodus Amid Removal of CEO

Coin Edition
Coin Edition

19 Nov 2023 12:18 PM

Coinbase CEO voices concerns following the removal of OpenAI's CEO, urging talented employees to consider leaving....

  • Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, expressed deep concern and predicted legal consequences after OpenAI's board removed Sam Altman as CEO.
  • Armstrong hinted at an alleged "EA, decel, and AI safety coup" at OpenAI, which he believes could have devastating consequences.
  • He argued that the board tampered with $80 billion of value and dismantled a shining star of American capitalism, potentially leading to legal action from investors.
  • Armstrong encouraged talented employees at OpenAI to quit and join Sam/Greg's new venture, emphasizing the importance of maintaining founder control and avoiding nonsensical regulation.
  • The OpenAI board removed Altman due to allegations of inconsistencies and opaque communication, citing a loss of confidence in his leadership abilities.

The overall sentiment of the article is negative, as it highlights concerns, potential legal consequences, and the negative impact of the board's decision on OpenAI.

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