Citi to Offer Digital Asset Payment Services to Institutional Clients


18 Sep 2023 3:30 PM

Citi Treasury has partnered with Maersk to offer blockchain-based payment solutions as financial institutions compete to upgrade services....

  • Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions has partnered with Maersk to offer blockchain-based digital services for institutional clients.
  • The partnership aims to provide tokenized cross-border deposits and payments using smart contracts.
  • The new system is expected to reduce transaction times and benefit customers trading and making payments across time zones.
  • Citi has been exploring the digital asset space for some time, with previous engagements with crypto custodian Metaco and funding to Xalts, a Hong Kong-based asset manager.

The article highlights Citi's efforts to embrace digital assets and blockchain technology, indicating a positive sentiment towards these developments.

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