Citi Makes History as First Digital Custodian for BondbloX Blockchain Bond Exchange


15 Sep 2023 8:10 PM

Citi to make bond trading more accessible to a larger part of the investor community...

  • Citi Securities Services has become the first digital custodian participant of the BondbloX Bond Exchange network.
  • The partnership aims to make bond trading more accessible to a larger part of the investor community.
  • BondbloX Bond Exchange uses distributed ledger technology to fractionalize full-sized bonds, democratizing access to bond trading.
  • The expanded relationship between BondbloX Exchange and Citi will provide benefits such as access to digital custodial services, wider access to the global bond market, and immediate atomic settlement.
  • Eligible clients will be able to trade fractional and full-sized bonds on BBX, with Citi providing settlement and custody services.
  • Citi and BondbloX are committed to investing in the future of digital financial market infrastructure and simplifying bond trading and investing.

The article highlights a positive partnership between Citi Securities Services and BondbloX Bond Exchange, aiming to make bond trading more accessible and revolutionize the market. The tone is optimistic and emphasizes the commitment to digital financial market infrastructure.

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