ChatGPT Creator OpenAI Expels CEO Sam Altman


18 Nov 2023 5:53 AM

In a stunning turn of events, OpenAI, the visionary force behind the groundbreaking ChatGPT launched just a year ago, dropped a bombshell on Friday. The...

  • OpenAI has announced the sudden dismissal of CEO Sam Altman due to a lack of transparency in his communications with the board.
  • Mira Murati, the former Chief Technology Officer, has been appointed as the interim CEO while a search for a permanent replacement is conducted.
  • Altman played a key role in establishing OpenAI and became a prominent figure in the AI revolution, especially with the success of ChatGPT.
  • Greg Brockman, a co-founder of OpenAI, is also stepping down from his position as the chair of the company's board.
  • The changes in leadership structure have raised concerns about the future trajectory of OpenAI.

The article describes the dismissal of CEO Sam Altman and the subsequent changes in leadership at OpenAI. The tone of the article is neutral, providing factual information about the events.

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