Chainlink Bearish: Whales Deposit $350M In LINK To Exchanges


18 Sep 2023 3:00 PM

On-chain data shows the Chainlink whales have deposited $350 million of the asset into exchanges, a sign that could be bearish for LINK's price....

  • Chainlink whales have deposited $350 million worth of LINK into exchanges, indicating a potential bearish sign for the price.
  • The large transactions volume on the Chainlink network has seen a recent spike, suggesting increased activity from whales and institutional investors.
  • High values of this metric indicate active movement of tokens by large players in the market, while low values suggest they are on standby.
  • The recent spike in large transaction volume saw nearly 52.3 million LINK moved in a single day towards centralized exchanges.
  • Deposits to exchanges could indicate a potential selloff by whales.
  • Despite the deposits, Chainlink's price has experienced an 8% surge, breaking the $6.7 mark.

The article discusses the recent activity of Chainlink whales depositing $350 million worth of LINK into exchanges. While this could be seen as a bearish sign for the price, the sentiment is somewhat mixed as the price of Chainlink has actually surged by 8% in the past day.

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