Cardano Price Support in Peril as Robinhood Delists ADA


28 Jun 2023 12:08 PM

As a result of delisting Cardano, SOL, and MATIC on Tuesday, the leading trading app Robinhood triggered a minor sell-off....

  • Robinhood's delisting of Cardano (ADA), Solano (SOL), and Polygon (MATIC) caused a minor sell-off.
  • The SEC's assault on the cryptocurrency market led to an investor exodus and lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase.
  • Cardano's price has declined from $0.45 to $0.22, and sustaining a reversal above $0.30 is challenging.
  • Robinhood users can still trade 15 other cryptocurrencies despite the delisting.
  • Technical indicators suggest a bearish position for Cardano, with resistance at $0.30 and potential losses targeting $0.22.

The sentiment of the article is negative, as it highlights the decline in Cardano's price and the challenges it faces due to delisting and regulatory actions.

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