Cardano Light Wallet Receives Crucial Updates


18 Nov 2023 5:52 AM

The recent update to the Cardano Lace Wallet demonstrates how conscientious Input Output Global is about improving the wallet's user experience. Cardano...

  • The recent update to the Cardano Lace Wallet focuses on improving user experience.
  • Version 1.7 of Lace introduces multi-staking functionality and options to improve insights regarding saturation and retirement of staking pools.
  • The Lace Wallet team is committed to providing regular product improvements.
  • The wallet has undergone several updates, including bug fixes, UI enhancements, and improvements to the serialization library.
  • The Marlowe team has made enhancements to the FindTxsFor operation and chain indexer's performance.
  • The Hydra team, responsible for the main scaling solution, presented at the Cardano Summit and posted their October report.
  • Cardano is a stable blockchain network with a high number of transactions.

The article highlights positive developments and improvements to the Cardano Lace Wallet, demonstrating the commitment of the team to enhance user experience and functionality.

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