Can the Solana (SOL) Blockchain Give the Market the Next 100X?

Coin Edition
Coin Edition

18 Nov 2023 1:33 PM

Whether there is a gem on the blockchain or not, a lot of it still depends on Solana’s movement. For now, the token price may decrease.....

  • Cryptocurrencies built on the Solana blockchain have performed well in the last seven days.
  • There is a possibility of SOL dropping to $55 due to increasing bearish momentum.
  • The Total Value Locked (TVL) of Solana has decreased, indicating a drop in liquidity.
  • Tokens developed under the Solana blockchain have been pumping, with some experiencing significant price increases.

The overall sentiment of the article is mixed. While there is positive performance of Solana-based cryptocurrencies, there are concerns about bearish momentum, a decrease in TVL, and the need for recovery.

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