Can Ripple (XRP) Reach $7? Expert Lays Down Critical Levels to Watch


17 Sep 2023 8:02 AM

New day - new Ripple price prediction. This one might not be as outrageous as some of the previous ones....

  • Ripple's price has been volatile due to the case between Ripple and the SEC.
  • After a ruling partially in favor of Ripple, XRP's price doubled in a day.
  • Analysts have been making optimistic price predictions for XRP, with one predicting it to reach $7.
  • The expert believes that XRP will face challenges at $0.80 and $1.3, but could potentially reach targets of $2.8 to $7.

The sentiment in the article is mostly positive, as it discusses optimistic price predictions for XRP and the potential for it to reach high targets.

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