Calm Before the Storm for Cardano Following Weekend Consolidation? Watch These 3 Things (ADA Price Analysis)


20 Nov 2023 9:29 AM

ADA continues to show strength despite an uneventful weekend. Key Support levels: $0.35  Key Resistance levels: $0.41 1. ADA's Rally May Resume After a...

  • Key support levels: $0.35
  • Key resistance levels: $0.41
  • ADA is likely to resume its uptrend and test the resistance at $0.41.
  • The support at $0.35 is expected to hold and may not be revisited soon.
  • Breaking the resistance at $0.41 may prompt sellers to return.
  • The weekly MACD indicates that buyers are in control, with the histogram making higher highs.
  • The bias for ADA is bullish.
  • A test of the resistance at $0.41 is likely this week, with the next target at $0.45.

The sentiment of the article is generally positive, indicating a bullish bias for ADA. The article suggests that ADA is likely to continue its uptrend and test the key resistance level at $0.41. However, it also mentions that breaking this resistance level may prompt sellers to return, indicating a potential challenge for ADA.

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