Nomura's Laser Digital Starts 'Bitcoin Adoption Fund' for Institutional Investors


19 Sep 2023 12:30 PM

The Bitcoin Adoption Fund will provide long-only exposure and will be the first in a range of such digital asset investment products offered by Laser Digital...

  • Nomura's digital assets subsidiary, Laser Digital, has launched the Bitcoin Adoption Fund, providing bitcoin exposure to institutional investors.
  • The fund offers long-only exposure and is the first of many digital asset investment products to be offered by Laser Digital.
  • Sebastien Guglietta, head of Laser Digital Asset Management, believes that bitcoin is a key driver of global economic growth and offers a solution for investors to capture the transformational change from analogue to digital.
  • The fund will utilize Komainu, a joint venture between Nomura, Ledger, and CoinShares, for custody of client assets.
  • Laser Digital and Komainu recently obtained an operating license from Dubai's Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA), enabling them to offer digital asset trading services and investment products.

The article highlights the launch of the Bitcoin Adoption Fund by Laser Digital, indicating a positive sentiment towards the introduction of digital asset investment products for institutional investors.

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