BTC Whales Making Waves: Is a Pump or Dump on the Horizon?

Coin Edition
Coin Edition

21 Nov 2023 10:18 AM

Whale Alert shared on X today that multiple whales transferred huge amounts of BTC tokens to exchanges. Read more on CE....

  • Multiple whales have transferred BTC worth millions to exchanges in the past few hours.
  • It is uncertain whether these whales will pump or dump the BTC price.
  • BTC is currently trading at $37,394.64 with a 0.58% price rise.
  • Whale Alert reported a whale transferring 2,707 BTC worth $101,620,813 to Coinbase.
  • Another whale transferred 2,712 BTC worth $101,661,213 to Coinbase.
  • An undisclosed wallet sent 650 BTC worth $24,294,303 to the Binance platform.
  • BTC's price has experienced a slight increase of 0.58% and reached a high of $37,756.82.
  • BTC's intraday volume saw a 46% uptick, with a total 24-hour volume of $20,695,462,092.
  • BTC's market cap climbed to $730,872,392,781.
  • BTC surpassed Ethereum in terms of daily transaction fees, with BTC's average daily transaction fee at $10.34 and ETH's at $8.43.
  • The increase in BTC's transaction fees could be attributed to the Ordinals Protocol.

The sentiment of the article is neutral. It provides information about the movement of BTC by whales and the uncertainty surrounding their intentions.

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