Bridging the Liquidity Gap: Orbs, QuickSwap Launch Liquidity Hub |


18 Sep 2023 1:00 PM

Orbs’ Layer-3 infrastructure network introduces the Liquidity Hub, aiming to address DeFi's liquidity fragmentation challenges....

  • Orbs, a blockchain infrastructure project, has introduced the Liquidity Hub in partnership with QuickSwap to address liquidity fragmentation in DeFi.
  • The Liquidity Hub aims to refine the trading experience for DEX users by providing liquidity access and distribution.
  • It utilizes on-chain smart contracts and off-chain logic for liquidity providers on Orbs' decentralized L3 nodes.
  • The hub offers DEXs the ability to attempt trade executions outside the bounds of automated market makers (AMM).
  • It provides better execution prices for traders and guarantees MEV protection for liquidity providers.
  • Liquidity fragmentation is a major issue preventing DeFi DEXs from competing with centralized venues, and the Liquidity Hub helps DEXs tap into additional liquidity sources without jeopardizing incentives for liquidity providers.
  • The Liquidity Hub ensures security by keeping assets on-chain and transactions are managed through its smart contract.
  • The Orbs network integrates permissionless validators called "Guardians" within a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm.

The introduction of Orbs' Liquidity Hub is seen as a positive development in addressing liquidity fragmentation challenges in DeFi. It aims to provide better execution prices for traders and MEV protection for liquidity providers, while also ensuring security and maintaining non-custodial principles inherent to DeFi.

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