Blur witnesses surging activity as NFT debut sparks token frenzy


29 Jun 2023 7:30 PM

The recent NFT debut on Blur has ignited a frenzy, with surging activity and trading volume, leaving many wondering about the impact on its token....

  • Blur token (BLUR) has seen its highest monthly volume, with a surge of over 15%.
  • The trading volume on Blur's platform reached its highest point in almost three months, with a spike of over 80% on June 28th.
  • The surge in volume was likely influenced by the listing of Azuki Elemental NFT on Blur's marketplace.
  • Azuki Elemental achieved an impressive volume of over 8,000 ETH within the last seven days.
  • Blur's Total Value Locked (TVL) stood at over $160 million, but a decline in trajectory suggests a shift in locked value.
  • The BLUR token's volume and price were positively impacted by the recent NFT listing, with the highest volume observed since April.

The article highlights positive developments for Blur, such as the surge in trading volume, the listing of Azuki Elemental NFT, and the increase in BLUR token's volume and price. However, it also mentions a decline in Blur's Total Value Locked and a weak bear trend indicated by the Relative Strength Index.

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