Bitcoin’s volatility evolution: From extreme swings to stable ground


17 Sep 2023 6:30 PM

Here's a look at Bitcoin's journey from wild price swings to newfound stability. Recent data reveals its tamed volatility with comparisons to stocks like NVIDIA and Tesla....

  • Bitcoin has not experienced a single day with volatility over 150% in the current halving cycle.
  • Despite slight declines, Bitcoin has maintained a price range of around $26,000.
  • The decreasing instances of extreme volatility following each halving event suggest that Bitcoin's volatility is now similar to that of NVIDIA or Tesla.
  • Recent data shows notable price volatility in the past few months, but these fluctuations have not persisted for extended durations.
  • On the daily timeframe, the Bollinger Band indicates some price volatility, but it has not been sustained over a long period.
  • Bitcoin's price has experienced slight declines but has managed to hold around the $26,000 level.

The article provides a positive outlook on Bitcoin's volatility, highlighting the decreasing instances of extreme volatility and the ability to maintain a price range despite slight declines.

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