Bitcoin's Top 10 Largest Holders List


19 Sep 2023 8:26 AM

Satoshi Nakamoto, Grayscale, and Binance are the top 3 biggest Bitcoin HODLers....

  • The top 3 biggest Bitcoin holders are Satoshi Nakamoto, Grayscale, and Binance.
  • Bitcoin has a pre-determined limit of 21 million coins, making it anti-inflationary and potentially more valuable over time.
  • Currently, almost 19.5 million Bitcoins have been produced, with 15% owned by ten individuals or organizations.
  • Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious developer of Bitcoin, owns 1.1 million BTC, valued at approximately $29.5 billion.
  • Grayscale holds 643,572 BTC (approximately $17.2 billion), and Binance owns 498,147 BTC.
  • The US government holds 175,000 BTC confiscated from criminal activities.
  • Other notable holders include MicroStrategy (152,800 BTC), Block One (140,000 BTC), OKX (118,334 BTC), Robinhood (118,300 BTC), and the Winklevoss twins (70,000 BTC).
  • The Bulgarian government may also own a significant amount of BTC, potentially placing them in the fourth position.

The article provides information about the top Bitcoin holders and their respective holdings. It highlights the potential scarcity and value of Bitcoin due to its anti-inflationary feature. The sentiment is generally positive, emphasizing the significant holdings of various entities.

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