A Thank You Letter From Phuong Xa High School: CoinEx Charity Empowers Educational Welfare | Bitcoinist.com


18 Mar 2023 5:33 PM

To help more underprivileged students pursue their dreams through education and change their lives with knowledge, CoinEx Charity hosted the “Spring of Love -...

  • CoinEx Charity hosted the “Spring of Love – Tết of Compassion” charity campaign in Vietnam to help underprivileged students pursue education.
  • They visited Phuong Xa High School and co-hosted an educational welfare event for financially challenged students, offering scholarships and learning supplies.
  • CoinEx Charity received a thank you letter from the school expressing their appreciation for the charitable donations and gifts.
  • The “Spring of Love – Tết of Compassion” program offers hope and love to underprivileged students and allows them to access quality education.

The article has a positive sentiment as it talks about CoinEx Charity's efforts to help underprivileged students pursue education and their success in doing so.

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