Bitcoin Whale Wakes up After 6 Years to Transfer Over $56M in BTC


19 Sep 2023 10:39 AM

The whale's Bitcoin holdings have increased its USD valuation by over 377% over the years....

  • A dormant Bitcoin address, holding approximately 2,100 BTC, has become active after six years.
  • The address received the BTC in October 2017 when its value was $11.8 million, which has now surged to $56.3 million.
  • The owner moved the bitcoins to a new wallet, indicating a potential upcoming event like a sale or reinvestment.
  • The movement of funds adds excitement to the market, considering Bitcoin's value has been trading below $30k for nearly a year.
  • Various factors such as profit-taking, changing financial needs, security concerns, or desire for secure storage may prompt the movement of dormant assets.
  • Other dormant addresses have also become active recently, including one that transferred over $30 million worth of BTC.

The article presents the reawakening of a dormant Bitcoin address as an intriguing event that adds excitement to the market.

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