Bitcoin Price: Legendary Trader John Bollinger Eyes ‘Upper Band’ Breakout


18 Sep 2023 6:16 PM

Renowned trader John Bollinger, famous for developing the Bollinger Bands trading indicator, has turned his focus back to Bitcoin, hinting at a possible 'Upper Band' breakout...

  • Renowned trader John Bollinger believes Bitcoin has potential for a bullish trend.
  • Bollinger Bands, developed by Bollinger, are being used to analyze Bitcoin's price movement.
  • Bitcoin reclaimed its $27,000 price point, indicating a shift in market dynamics.
  • Altcoins are stagnant or declining in value, while Bitcoin remains resilient.
  • Ethereum, Bitcoin's closest competitor, is slightly underperforming.

The article suggests a cautious optimism regarding Bitcoin's potential for a bullish trend. Bitcoin's resilience compared to other cryptocurrencies is highlighted.

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