Global Interest In Bitcoin Is Fast-Falling, What’s Happening?


28 Jun 2023 1:30 AM

Interest in Bitcoin is heading to historic lows, fast dropping, looking at the Google Trends data in the first half of 2023....

  • Interest in Bitcoin is at historic lows, as shown by Google Trends data.
  • Organic searches related to Bitcoin have dropped in the last six months.
  • BTC and crypto prices have recovered, but interest in Bitcoin remains low.
  • Interest in Bitcoin is below 2018 levels and could drop further.
  • There is a correlation between sentiment and prices, as seen in Google Trends data.
  • The cause of the low interest in Bitcoin could be increasing regulatory scrutiny.

The sentiment in the article is negative, as it highlights the historic lows in interest in Bitcoin and the potential reasons behind it.

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You May Ask

What is the current interest in Bitcoin according to Google Trends data?How have organic searches related to Bitcoin changed in the last six months?Is there a correlation between sentiment and prices in Bitcoin?What could be the cause of the low interest in Bitcoin?Note: The input article does not provide enough information to answer a fifth question.

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