Bitcoin Starts To Bite Back Says Reptilian Technical Signal


28 Jun 2023 12:19 AM

A reptilian technical signal is back in Bitcoin, and it has started to feast upon a new uptrend, according to how the tool works. Take a closer look below...

  • Bitcoin price is back above $30,000 and the recent push higher has possibly changed the trend.
  • The one-week Williams Alligator, which consists of three smoothed moving averages, set at 5, 8, and 13-periods, has started “eating with its mouth open.”
  • When the three moving averages are moving upward, and the Lips are above the Teeth and Jaw, it suggests that an asset is trending. As such, the chart below suggests that Bitcoin is once again trending up.
  • The recent uptrend in Bitcoin could last for a while, according to the Williams Alligator, which has started to feast upon the new uptrend.
  • The current uptrend in Bitcoin is similar to the 2020 rally, which lasted for 350 days before a reversal.

The article has a positive sentiment as it discusses the recent uptrend in Bitcoin and how the Williams Alligator technical tool suggests that the trend could continue for a while.

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