Here's Where Next Bitcoin Resistance Lies, From An On-Chain Perspective


19 Sep 2023 6:00 PM

Here's where the next major resistance to clear for Bitcoin could lie, from the perspective of on-chain analysis....

  • On-chain analysis can help determine major resistance levels for Bitcoin.
  • Resistance levels are regions where many investors have their cost basis present.
  • The $25,853 to $29,662 range is a particularly thick cost basis range with over 1.77 million addresses.
  • The $27,200 to $28,000 range has fewer investors, while the $28,000 to $28,853 range has even fewer.
  • Investor cost basis can act as resistance on retests from below but can also support when being touched from above.
  • Strong support levels below the current price may have contributed to Bitcoin's rebound from $26,600.

The article provides a neutral analysis of Bitcoin's resistance levels based on on-chain data. It explains the concept of resistance and how investor cost basis can impact price movements.

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