Bitcoin Reaches Longest Stretch Ever Without A Bull Run


28 Jun 2023 10:57 PM

Bitcoin is known for its explosive price movements — both bullish and bearish. However, Relative Strength Index data suggests the top cryptocurrency by...

  • Bitcoin has gone the longest stretch ever without a bullish impulse, according to Relative Strength Index (RSI) data.
  • The last major bull market for Bitcoin began in late 2020, and prior to that, there was a short-lived rally in 2019 and a bullish market throughout 2017.
  • The current lack of a true bull run has reached a record length, as indicated by the RSI.
  • Bitcoin's price movement is being awaited by investors, and an overbought RSI signal could fuel a fast and furious price increase.
  • The previous longest bear market lasted 959 days before becoming fully overbought on the weekly timeframe.

The article discusses the lack of a true bull run for Bitcoin and the anticipation for an overbought RSI signal. The sentiment is neutral, with a hint of optimism for a potential price increase.

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