Bitcoin Dominates Ethereum In Daily Active Addresses Despite Lagging In TX Count


16 Sep 2023 1:00 AM

Bitcoin has more daily active addresses than Ethereum--a hub for DeFi and NFTs--while being a purely transactional layer...

  • Bitcoin has more daily active users (800,000) compared to Ethereum (378,000) according to Artemis Terminal data on September 15.
  • Ethereum processes over 1 million transactions daily, while Bitcoin confirms less than 600,000.
  • Ethereum's daily active addresses (DAA) have been fluctuating heavily, while Bitcoin's DAA has maintained an upward trajectory since late August.
  • The drop in Ethereum's price from $5,000 to as low as $1,500 has negatively impacted DeFi and NFT activity.

The article provides a comparison between Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of daily active users and transaction volume. It also highlights the impact of Ethereum's price drop on DeFi and NFT activity. The overall sentiment of the article is neutral.

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