Bitcoin (BTC) Price Can Break Above $220,000 Over Next 18 Months: Report


21 Nov 2023 3:18 PM

The world’s flagship cryptocurrency may break a massive price record if history repeats itself...

  • The "Bitcoin Archive" Twitter account predicts that Bitcoin could reach $220,000 and even higher in the next 18 months.
  • They base their forecast on historical data showing significant price surges after previous halvings.
  • After the first halving, Bitcoin's price increased 94x, after the second halving it gained 30x, and after the third halving it jumped 6x.
  • If this pattern continues, Bitcoin could surpass $220,000.
  • Some experts attribute Bitcoin's previous all-time high of $69,000 to government money-printing during the pandemic.
  • Currently, Bitcoin is priced at $36,414.

The sentiment of the article is generally positive, as it highlights the potential for Bitcoin's price to reach new highs based on historical trends.

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