Bitcoin Holds the $30K Level Strongly: Here’s How BTC Price Will Trade Next


28 Jun 2023 5:15 PM

In the midst of market volatility, Bitcoin shows a solid stability by holding the $30K threshold. This trend is mainly boosted by Fidelity's strategic...

  • Bitcoin is showing stability by holding the $30K threshold amidst market volatility.
  • Fidelity's move to file for a Bitcoin ETF and potential SEC approval for BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF could boost Bitcoin's market position.
  • However, Bitcoin is facing resistance and significant selling pressure at higher levels, causing confusion among traders.
  • Recent anomalous trends in the Bitcoin mining industry, such as increased exchange transactions and vanished Bitcoins from miners' wallets, indicate a rise in selling pressure.
  • Glassnode reported a record high of Bitcoin miner revenue sent to exchanges, suggesting increased selling pressure.
  • Bearish traders are protecting the $31,000 level, while bullish traders are preventing the price from falling below $30,000.
  • BTC price currently trades at $30,330, with consolidation near $30,800 indicating anticipation of further upward movement.
  • If the resistance zone of $30,800-$31,400 is surpassed, it could signal the start of the next uptrend phase.

The overall sentiment of the article is mixed. It highlights the stability of Bitcoin and the potential positive impact of Fidelity's and BlackRock's Bitcoin ETFs. However, it also discusses the concerns of selling pressure and resistance faced by Bitcoin, causing confusion among traders.

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