Binance Japan Expands Crypto Playground with 13 New Trading Pairs


17 Nov 2023 8:00 PM

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance is putting itself in a position to take control of the Japanese market....

  • Binance is aiming to take control of the Japanese market and expand its services in Japan.
  • The company acquired the Sakura Exchange Bitcoin trading platform and is integrating Sakura users into its platform.
  • Binance will no longer accept Japanese residents on its global site and will focus on Binance Japan.
  • Binance Japan aims to list "100 tokens" on its platform and increase the number of cryptocurrency pairings.
  • The regulatory landscape in Japan has become more favorable for crypto and Web3 sectors.
  • Binance Japan currently handles 47 coins and has added tokens like NEAR, EOS, KLAY, and HBAR.
  • Binance is also expanding outside of Japan, with plans for a major presence in Thailand through a joint venture called Gulf Binance.

The sentiment of the article is generally positive, highlighting Binance's efforts to expand its presence in Japan and other markets.

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