Binance and CZ’s plea deal with US Government revealed in court filing


21 Nov 2023 7:48 PM

CZ will be required to pay a fine of $50 million as part of the […]...

  • CZ, the founder of Binance, has reached a plea deal with the US Government.
  • CZ will plead guilty to violating the Bank Secrecy Act and will pay a fine of $50 million to the CFTC.
  • Binance will plead guilty to various charges, including conducting unlicensed money-transmitting business and violating the Bank Secrecy Act.
  • Binance will accept Zhao's resignation as CEO and pay a fine of over $4 billion.

The article describes the plea deal between CZ, Binance, and the US Government, which involves CZ pleading guilty and paying a fine, Binance accepting guilt and paying a significant fine, and Zhao resigning as CEO. The overall sentiment of the article is negative due to the legal issues and financial penalties faced by CZ and Binance.

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