Billionaire investor Mark Cuban loses $870K in crypto in MetaMask wallet hack


16 Sep 2023 3:45 PM

Although Cuban managed to transfer $2 million worth of assets to Coinbase Custody, the hackers made off with ETH, USDC, MATIC, and more....

  • Entrepreneur and investor Mark Cuban, with a net worth of over $5 billion, was hacked on September 15, resulting in the loss of crypto assets worth $870,000 from his MetaMask wallet.
  • The hack was discovered by on-chain sleuth Wazz, who noticed sudden transactions in the inactive MetaMask wallet labeled 'Mark Cuban 2' on EtherScan.
  • Cuban confirmed the hack and stated that he lost 5 Ethereum (ETH) tokens, along with other assets such as USD Coin (USDC), Polygon (MATIC), Lido staked Ethereum (stETH), and tokens from SuperRare and Ethereum Name Service.
  • Most of the stolen assets were still in the hacker's wallet at the time of writing, but Cuban managed to transfer around $2 million USDC to Coinbase Custody to prevent further losses.
  • Cuban suspects that he downloaded a malicious version of MetaMask, leading to the hack. Fake extensions of MetaMask are often used by malicious actors to gain access to users' private keys or seed phrases.
  • Cuban had previously suffered losses in the collapse of Iron Finance's TITAN stablecoin in 2021.
  • This incident adds to a series of high-profile crypto hacks and scams, including the recent $27 million hack of crypto exchange CoinEx and the hacking of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin's account.

The article highlights the unfortunate hack experienced by Mark Cuban, resulting in the loss of significant crypto assets. It also mentions his efforts to mitigate further losses and the prevalence of crypto hacks in the industry. Overall, the sentiment is negative due to the security breach and financial loss.

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