Week in Crypto News: Laugh at Jim Cramer's Expense, Bust Bank Bonuses, and Bullish Alts

Geraint Price
Geraint Price

17 Mar 2023 3:00 PM

Crypto news: We bring you a roundup of what’s been happening in crazy world of crypto this week. And what a week it has been....

  • An inverse tracker ETF was set up to track the opposite of Jim Cramer's financial predictions, and it is outperforming the market by 5%.
  • Glassnode announced a new on-chain analysis tool called the Bitcoin Cycle Extremes indicator, which attempts to answer the ultimate question of when the crypto market is at a peak or a bottom.
  • Senior executives at Silicon Valley Bank cashed out $4.5 million worth of shares and paid out annual bonuses to staff just hours before the bank's collapse.
  • Bitcoin rose more than 25%, while Bone ShibaSwap and Helium fell by nearly 17% and 15%, respectively.

The article covers a mix of positive and negative news in the world of crypto. The inverse tracker ETF outperforming the market and the new on-chain analysis tool are positive developments, while the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the fall of Bone ShibaSwap and Helium are negative.

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