Bankrupt Shiba Inu Trillionnaire Moves Billions of SHIB: Where To?


29 Jun 2023 4:50 PM

Bankrupt broker Voyager makes unexpected transfer worth billions of SHIB...

  • Unusual activity observed in the movements of a wallet associated with bankrupt cryptocurrency broker Voyager.
  • 25 billion Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens, worth approximately $183,275, were transferred from the wallet.
  • Tokens were not sent to any exchange address or the broker's fund wallet, but to an address linked to the SHIB token itself.
  • Voyager wallet still holds 2.84 trillion SHIB tokens, equivalent to $20.8 million, despite bankruptcy.
  • Other cryptocurrencies have also been subject to transfers as the broker resumes withdrawals.
  • Lenders allowed to withdraw around 35% of their cryptocurrencies between June 20 and July 5.
  • Gemini crypto exchange is one of the platforms facilitating these withdrawals.
  • Future of Voyager's holdings and implications for the wider crypto landscape remain uncertain.

The article presents unusual activity in the movements of a bankrupt cryptocurrency broker's wallet, raising questions about the destination of the transferred tokens and the implications for the wider crypto landscape. The sentiment is neutral, as it provides information without expressing a positive or negative opinion.

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