Crypto Community Lashes out at Chiru Labs After Azuki NFT Copycat Release


28 Jun 2023 1:15 PM

Community believes Azuki reused their old artwork for Elementals NFT. The project apologized to community after heavy criticism....

  • Chiru Labs, the creator of the Azuki NFT collection, is facing backlash for releasing Azuki Elementals, which are seen as copycats of the original Azuki NFTs.
  • The community has criticized the release, leading to a 28% crash in the floor price of Azuki NFTs.
  • Economist Alex Krüger questioned the legality of reusing old artwork for the new collection.
  • Azuki issued an apology on Twitter, acknowledging the community's concerns, but some community members still believe it was a poor decision.

The sentiment surrounding Chiru Labs and the release of Azuki Elementals is largely negative, with the community expressing frustration and disappointment.

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