Artfi Launches Tokenized 'The Six Elements' Collection by Sacha Jafri


19 Sep 2023 3:13 PM

Artfi decentralized marketplace introduces Genesis collection based on world famous picture collection...

  • Artfi has launched the Genesis NFT collection by artist Sacha Jafri, which is based on his "The Six Elements" collection.
  • The physical paintings associated with the NFTs were showcased at TOKEN2049 Singapore.
  • Sacha Jafri collaborated with Rolls Royce to create six Phantom Rolls Royce cars, with each car representing one of the elements.
  • Jafri's "Journey of Humanity" canvas sold for $62 million and holds the record for the world's largest canvas.
  • Artfi is offering 10,000 fractions of the physical paintings as NFTs to buyers of the Genesis NFT pass.
  • Former WIPO director Francis Gurry is serving as a tech advisor for Artfi.

The article highlights the collaboration between Sacha Jafri, Artfi, and Rolls Royce in the creation and sale of NFTs. It also emphasizes the democratization of art through fractionalized collections. Overall, the sentiment is positive and optimistic about the impact of NFTs on the art industry.

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