Are Ethereum NFTs in trouble? What the data suggests


19 Sep 2023 3:30 PM

Ethereum's NFT trading volumes hit rock bottom, indicating declining user engagement and transaction activity within the ecosystem....

  • Ethereum's NFT market has experienced declining trading volumes, raising concerns about its future vitality.
  • PFP NFTs have seen significant price drops, reflecting changing market preferences.
  • Data from Messari shows a significant drop in user engagement and transaction activity in the Ethereum NFT market.
  • The decline in interest has led to plummeting prices for PFP NFT collections and reduced fees on the Ethereum network.
  • Glassnode's data indicates a diminished appeal of Ethereum's NFT offerings, with total fees paid reaching an 8-month low.
  • Ethereum's price has also been on a decline, impacting overall sentiment around Ethereum and its NFT market.
  • The number of addresses holding Ethereum has hit a 1-month low, suggesting a falling retail presence in Ethereum.
  • Traders are cautious, as indicated by a decline in the put-to-call ratio on most exchanges and an increase in Ethereum's Implied Volatility.

The article highlights the declining trading volumes and interest in Ethereum's NFT market, leading to concerns about its future. It also mentions significant price drops and reduced fees on the Ethereum network. Overall, the sentiment is negative, indicating a decline in the vitality of Ethereum's NFT market.

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