Aragon DAO Members Fund Legal Action Against Founders


21 Nov 2023 3:13 PM

Aragon DAO members have expressed dissatisfaction with the founding team’s recent move to dissolve its governing body and shut down...

  • Aragon DAO members are unhappy with the decision of the founding team to dissolve the governing body and shut down its token.
  • The DAO has voted to fund legal action against the founders.
  • The Aragon Association has declared its dissolution and offered token holders the option to exchange their tokens for Ether.
  • The dissolution will return approximately $155 million to stakeholders.
  • The Aragon team deactivated the ANT token and dissolved the governing body without consulting the DAO, leading to community discontent.
  • The DAO has allocated 300,000 USD Coin to Patagon Management, owned by Diogenes Casares, to initiate legal proceedings against Aragon.
  • Patagon will lead the negotiations and litigation, aiming for a proportionate return of funds to token holders.
  • Patagon has the authority to determine the legal strategy and maintain confidentiality, but financial transactions will be publicly reported.
  • The funds will be held in a separate bank account and wallet address.

The sentiment in the article is negative, with dissatisfaction expressed by Aragon DAO members towards the founding team's actions.

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