Apple entered anti-crypto agreements with competitors, class action suit claims


21 Nov 2023 8:50 PM

A class action suit filed on Nov. 20 in California targeted Apple over anti-competitive agreements that restrict certain types of cryptocurrency integration....

  • A class action lawsuit filed in California alleges that Apple entered anti-competitive agreements that restrict the use of cryptocurrency in iOS Peer-to-Peer Payment Market apps.
  • The agreements apply to various payment companies, including competitors like PayPal, Block, and Google, but only to the iOS store versions of their apps.
  • The plaintiffs argue that Apple's App Store Guidelines prevent payment apps from implementing decentralized cryptocurrency transfers by requiring transactions to go through intermediaries.
  • Apple's policy has also prevented certain other competitors, such as the crypto wallets Zeus and Damus, from entering the market.
  • The lawsuit seeks damages and injunctions to modify Apple's behavior, but it is unclear if it has legal merit.

The sentiment of the article is negative towards Apple, as it accuses the company of entering anti-competitive agreements and restricting the use of cryptocurrency in payment apps.

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