PEPE Coin Shines Among Top Gainers, Tallies 78% In Last Week


27 Jun 2023 5:30 PM

PEPE has buckled up with high gains as the market sees recovery. The token bullishly rode on the positive wave of community sentiment...

  • PEPE, a frog-themed meme coin, has gained 78% in the last week.
  • This rally coincides with a positive wave of crypto community sentiments and a general market recovery.
  • The most plausible reason for the rally could be the Pepe developers who previously sold their pre-mines at high levels.
  • PEPE has bounced above its primary support level at $0.0000013675 and is fighting to defend the $0.00000163 resistance level.

The article has a generally positive sentiment as it discusses the recent gains of PEPE and the overall market recovery. However, it also acknowledges the possibility of a potential plunge back into an all-time low.

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