Terra Validator Opposes USTC Burning, Pushes Alternative Plan To Regain Dollar Peg


19 Sep 2023 5:00 PM

A Terra Classic community member has kicked against burning USTC tokens, suggesting another solution that may lead to the stablecoin re-peg....

  • A Terra Classic community member named Rexyz opposes burning USTC tokens to restore its dollar peg.
  • Rexyz suggests a reverse split of the USTC token as an alternative solution.
  • The reverse split would revalue the stablecoin and potentially lead to the rise of Terra Classic (LUNC) price.
  • Rexyz acknowledges that a reverse split would erase existing network debt and investors would have to accept losses incurred during the collapse of the Terra ecosystem.
  • The revaluation of USTC could also initiate a recovery of the Terra Classic network and lead to a rise in LUNC's value.

The article presents an alternative solution proposed by a Terra Classic community member, Rexyz. The sentiment is neutral as Rexyz suggests a reverse split of USTC tokens but also acknowledges the potential drawbacks.

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